Not only is Gary Oldman amazing and hot, but he's even hotter in person.

Dona Ana
Je t'aime, moi non plus
Пока мы кипятим, другие met Gary Oldman! :kisa:

I had someone comment on my livejournal that you all might be interested in this and to be honest I love to talk about it (I swear I'm not completely self-centered).

On April 11, 2006, I, Kelly, met Gary Oldman. Well so did Melissa and Gillian, but this is my story.
It was our last day of trimesters so we decided to go into the city. We didn't really have much of a plan but on the radio I had heard that Elton John was selling his stuff in Rockafeller Center so we thought we might go to what we had affectionately named "the EJ shit show." We also wanted to go to the Disney store to get psyched for Disney and perhaps get some pyjamas. On the way we passed the large library and something was going on outside. At first I thought it was some sort of protest and thought it would be fun if we joined, but as we joined the rather small crowd of about ten people we asked someone what was going on and they said it was Gary Oldman. We looked over and sure enough IT WAS!
So we stood in the rather small crowd, watching him film a commercial for Panasonic, or Nokia or something. We watched him for about 45 minutes and were the only people that stayed, everyone else would watch for a few minutes and then leave. Then he moved up to the top of the steps and we stood at the bottom and watched him. When he moved to the other side of the building Melissa insisted on following him even though Gillian and I felt like we were becoming stalkers. And may I say we are glad Melissa did that. We were going to walk past him and just leave, but as we were passing him Melissa took a picture and he looked up at us. We were all standing there looking Gary Oldman right in the face and then Melissa just said "Hi Gary Oldman! We're really big fans of yours!"
Seriously. She said that. And he smiled.
Then he asked if she wanted to take a picture with him. Obviously this was followed by a vigourous nodding. But then we were ushered aside so the commercial could continue and told that we could take pictures in a little while. We waited calmly (not at all) behind the nice people with the cameras and equiptment and freaked out. Not only is Gary Oldman amazing and hot, but he's even hotter in person.
The whole time we had been watching him I had been afraid he would be a stuck up star that wouldn't care about his fans, but in reality he was amazingly sweet. After the few takes were over he walked over to us and shook Melissa's hand. He took a picture with her and then another with me and another with Gillian. I told him to enjoy his day, which was a rather daft thing to say, but at least I didn't have a heart attack and faint.



2006-10-09 в 00:52 

а... мну?... т.е. мне?
я тоже... я тоже - really big fan! почти такой же 'big' как эта девица!

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